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        Triumph motorcycles are all designed with one purpose in mind, the perfect ride every time. See below our MY18 Range.





        MY18 TIGER 800 FROM: $12,000.00

        The MY18 Tiger 800 is as perfectly suited to long distance rides as it is to tackling the tough stuff. 

        Tiger 800 XR $12,000.00 MSRP
        Tiger 800 XRX  & XRX Low $13,650.00 MSRP
        Tiger 800 XRT $15,350.00 MSRP
        Tiger 800 XCX $14,450.00 MSRP

        Tiger 800 XCA  $15,850.00 MSRP

        Color premiums may apply.

        Triumph Tiger 800 XRx riding through urban streets

        MY18 TIGER 1200 FROM: $16,500.00

        From the road-focused Tiger XR to the off-road hungry Tiger XCX there’s a Tiger 1200 tailor-made for everyone, every ride and every epic adventure.

        Tiger 1200 XR $16,500.00 MSRP
        Tiger 1200 XRX & XRX Low $18,750.00 MSRP
        Tiger 1200 XRT $21,050.00 MSRP
        Tiger 1200 XCX $19,550.00 MSRP
        Tiger 1200 XCA  $21,750.00 MSRP

        Color premiums apply.


        Bonneville Bobber FROM: $11,900.00

        PEERLESS AUTHENTICITY - A genuine factory custom, iconic and authentic with beautifully styled minimalism and unparalleled heritage, attitude and desirability.

        Bonneville Bobber $11,900.00 MSRP
        Bonneville Bobber Black $13,150.00 MSRP

        Color premiums apply.

        Bonneville T100 FROM: $10,400.00

        Beautifully styled and now even more accessible, the Bonneville T100 and T100 Black are great entry points to the classic Bonneville family.

        Bonneville T100 $10,400.00 MSRP
        Bonneville T100 Black $10,400.00 MSRP

        Color premiums apply.

        BONNEVILLE T120 FROM: $11,800.00

        THE MODERN CLASSIC REBORN. The timeless style and iconic character of the original Bonneville is reborn in the new Bonneville T120 and T120 Black. 

        Bonneville T120 $11,800.00 MSRP
        Bonneville T120 Black $11,800.00 MSRP

        Color premiums apply.

        Street Scrambler FROM: $10,800.00

        Born for freedom and fun - better in every way. Ready for every road.

        Street Scrambler $10,800.00 MSRP

        Color premiums apply.

        Thruxton FROM: $13,000.00

        THE LEGEND IS BACK. Real poise, Real power, Real performance.


        Thruxton $13,000.00 MSRP
        Thruxton R $15,000.00 MSRP 

        Color premiums apply.

        Street Twin FROM: $9,100.00

        The Street Twin is our most contemporary, fun and accessible Bonneville. Perfect for today's rider. 

        Street Twin $9,100.00 MSRP

        Color premiums apply.


        Street Triple FROM: $9,900.00

        THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING – The most explosive, exhilarating, agile and intuitive performance street motorcycles we’ve ever made.

        Street Triple S $9,900.00 
        Street Triple R and R Low  $11,200.00
        Street Triple RS $12,500.00

        Color premiums apply.


        All prices are for Model Year 2018 motorcycles, effective February 26, 2018 and are valid for the US only.

        “MSRP” refers to the “manufacturer’s suggested retail price.” Actual consumer prices are determined by the dealer.



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